Spiritual Intelligence Podcast

SQP-Ep.016 ~ It’s All Incremental and Have Patience in the Process (w. Zay Pierre)

September 22, 2021

Welcome to the 16th episode of the Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Podcast ~ Awaken Your Inner Power ~ where Daniel Martinez Stahl and Zay Pierre explore what it means to be a sovereign being, the importance of inner wholeness before beginning striving for oneness.

Zay channels messages from Spirit, who specify that sovereignty is not something special or outside of us. Reminding us to accept others even when they are wrong and to allow them that grace. How it's all about the incremental steps and to have patience in the process. Closing with a call for stillness: to find a time, place and space to go within, connect with Self and just be.

For more information, contact details and a transcript of this episode: https://www.sqpodcast.com/ep016-zay-pierre

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