Spiritual Intelligence Podcast

SQP-Ep029 Essence of Wellness Virtual Summit Invitation (w. Neferisha Johnson)

February 10, 2022

Welcome to the 29th episode of the Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Podcast ~ Awaken Your Inner Power ~ where Daniel Martinez Stahl and Neferisha Johnson explore the Essence of Wellness Virtual Summit and her new book, The Essence of Wellness: A Love Journey; the spiritual nature of water and the work of Masaru Emoto and the The Hidden Messages in Water; Thought vs. Intuition and Inner Wisdom, and how to identify what is thought and what is inner wisdom.

We finish by speaking about where our global environment is going and how we and our planet are evolving into true creation, without an agenda, and how we are moving into the divine balance of our masculine and feminine energy, individually and collectively.

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